Pan African Institute for Development (PAID) International, Elects Domicile in Dakhla, Rabat

The Pan-African Institute for Development (PAID) has transferred its permanent headquarters from Geneva to Dakhla, which will become the central institutional platform for decision-making in the conduct of the Institute’s actions on the African continent and the implementation of its socio-economic development strategies in favor of African populations.

The headquarters agreement relating to the transfer of this international organization to Dakhla was signed Monday in Rabat by Ambassador Fouad Yazourh, Director General of Bilateral Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Living Abroad, and the Secretary General of the PAID, Emmanuel Kamdem.

The Institute aims to help the economic, social and cultural development of African countries through research, support-consultancy and the training of African leaders capable of taking charge, at different levels, the action to be carried out with the populations, with a view to their empowerment and the improvement of their living conditions.

In a statement to the press, Mr. Kamdem affirmed that this signature has a double importance, since it is a question of transferring the headquarter of a pan-African organization from Europe to Africa and that the establishment of this permanent headquarters is in Dakhla, because "Morocco plays a very important role in South-South cooperation", underlining the particular interest that H.M. King Mohammed VI attaches to this South-South cooperation.

"Morocco is an example of development in Africa and is among the most advanced countries on the African continent", he said, adding that this signature and this cooperation will allow "PAID to fulfill its mission which is to help the African populations to take care of themselves and help each other to develop their countries".

For his part, Mr. Yazourh highlighted the importance of this agreement which corresponds to "the vision of H.M. the King and His instructions, which are development, the involvement of young people and academic research".

"Morocco has always conceived of its development, its security and its stability within its home continent and does not conceive of it outside of it", he declared to the press, stressing that "the city of Dakhla constitutes today a natural bridge to Africa, chosen by Africans themselves and by other countries around the world who see in this city a platform not only of passage but also of production".

The activities of PAID constitute a pillar for the development and well-being of African people, particularly in terms of research, academic and professional training, and Morocco is delighted to provide all the necessary means at its disposal to achieve these noble objectives, as an international player committed to defending the interests and good causes of its brothers and friends in African countries.




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