PAID-WA Regional Campus Location

PAID-WA is situated in Buea, the headquarters of the South West Region of the Republic of Cameroon. It is situated in a pleasant and secured location that provides an ideal environment for studies. Buea lies on the eastern slopes of Mount Cameroon and was the colonial capital city of the German Kamerun from 1901 to 1909, also the capital of British Southern Cameroons (1949-1961).

The town is host to the first Anglophone University of Cameroon - the University of Buea, and the Catholic University of Buea. The city still has a handful of historical structures of the colonial era such as the former residence of the German governor, Jesko von Puttkamer. It also host to the Nigerian Consulate of Anglophone Cameroon.

The population is estimated at 150,000 inhabitants. In addition to the original indigenes known as the Bakweris, Buea is home to people from other ethnic groups of Cameroon and other countries in Africa and the world. Because of its location at the foot of Mount Cameroon, the climate in Buea tends to be humid. Extended periods of rainfall, characterized by incessant drizzle which can last for weeks, as are damp fogs rolling off the mountain into the town below are common during the rainy season.

Buea enjoys a beautiful landscape whose splendor and magnificence is derived from Mount Cameroon, also known as Mount Fako. This Mountain, which is the highest in West Africa, not only makes Buea a city for tourists but also the host of an annual event-the popular Mount Cameroon Race. One of the three Tea Plantations in Cameroon - the Tole Tea Plantation is located in Buea and 5km away from the PAID-WA campus. These peculiar geographical features of Buea typical found around the PAID-WA campus annually attracts many national and international workshops, seminars and events to this campus for academic and research purposes.

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