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An Address Presented By a Representative of the Graduands, Mr. Christian Lambang Fonye on the Occasion of the 46th Graduation Ceremony of the Pan African Institute For Development – West Africa (PAID-WA) Buea this 24th Day of June 2016

His Excellency the Governor, South West Region and his entourage;
Members of the Diplomatic Corp here present;
All other Protocol Duly Observed
Fellow Granduands,

I am sincerely humbled by this privilege to speak on behalf of all the graduands today. We are honored by the presence of the dignitaries here present.The presence of our parents, guardians, siblings and friends who have come from far and near for this occasion is also appreciated.

We are truly overjoyed that PAID-WA has in the last 2 years undergone significant transformation. There are now more classrooms with adequate desks. The library has been renewed with new books, journals and an e-library section. Irrespective of this mountainous terrain, a borehole has been drilled on campus for constant supply of water. The lecturers look well motivated and happy certainly because their salaries are now paid regularly. Internet service for the students has improved significantly. Demonstrational learning facilities like greenhouses and other agricultural farms have been provided. Indeed, many of us wish that the hand of the clock turns back because PAID-WA is now the place to be!

I recall that as students we had issues in the past regarding many of the changes that are taking place now. The students’ body indeed wrote to the Governing Council. It is a thing of joy that the bases for the protest no longer exist. We sincerely thank the Secretary General for his choice of a new Regional Director and his team. Now is the time to give him and the entire team the necessary support for more exploits.

Our collective desire is a PAID-WA that we can look back and proudly say that this is where we passed through; a truly international institution with students and staff coming from far and near, and certificates that are globally respected. There are adequate signs that with continuity and the support of all stakeholders, the PAID-WA of our dream is near in sight.

On our part as alumni of PAID-WA, we will continue to galvanize our relationships and work towards giving back to the institution in a number of ways. In this regard, we appeal to the institution to create a functional e-platform for the networking of all PAID-WA alumni.

We are graduating today with a feeling of satisfaction that despite the challenges we faced during the course of our study, the institution groomed us well. PAID-WA has and will always be that learning environment waiting for anyone who is ready to be transformed. Our satisfaction is that the knowledge and experience gained in the course of the training transformed us. PAID-WA has certainly reinvented itself as a unique brand in its pursuit and promotion of learning based on a sustainable development approach. We are extremely glad to be part of this transformational experience inspired by a tremendously effective leadership which has given PAID-WA a face-lift.

I end this speech by enjoining my fellow graduands and current students alike to be good ambassadors of PAID-WA so that its name continues to resonate in the minds of many, globally as a worthy flag bearer of sustainable and concerted development

I thank you all.