PAID PhD Methodological Seminar in Applied Sciences for Development, PAID-WA, Buea

СНПЧ А7 Курск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

March 26-30th 2016, Pan African Institute for Development-West Africa (PAID-WA), Buea


In an era when there is a dire need for the incorporation of sustainability in all development initiatives, it is of paramount importance to employ meticulous and systematic empirical methods and approaches to development in order to steer the society along a sustainable pathway.

The Methodological Seminar aimed at guiding the PAID PhD students on Research Methodologies and Procedures that should be applied to development.

Seminar Setting

The seminar, organized by Prof Roger Mondoue (Director of the Doctoral Program), took place at the PAID-WA Buea campus. It started with an opening session conducted by Dr. Uwem Essia (Regional Director, PAID-WA) and Prof Roger Mondoue (Director of PAID PhD Program). The seminar presentations were both in French and English and had a book launch interlude entitled “Africa can at last take-off”. The methodological seminar came to a close on the 30th of March 2016 with light refreshments offered by PAID-WA to provide a forum for which participants, presenters and staff of PAID-WA to network.

Twenty seven PhD students, made up of three females and twenty four males coming from Cameroon and Chad with varied backgrounds brought to the conference a valuable mix of experiences, perspectives and expectations.

The presenters included: Prof Roger Mondoue, Dr Uwem Essia, Prof Emmanuel Kandem, Dr Fernand Vincent, Prof Roger Edimo, Prof Dili Pilai, Prof Michel Tchotsoua and Prof Fonkeng Epah. They presented different approaches, insights and views to scientific writing, both at the theoretical and practical levels. This gave a better understanding of the many perspectives that can and should be taken into account when defining and implementing development research.

Aims and Objectives

The seminar took participants through the research methodology process, starting from the goals and objectives of Applied Development Research, through writing an internship report and a master’s thesis, to writing research articles and scientific works, and finally to theoretical and practical aspects of writing a doctoral thesis.


The seminar was highly appreciated by the participants as they indicated the need for more practical sessions and similar opportunities as this to engage in further discussion and exchange so as to re-enforce their research competencies.