Research and Consulting - Communication Skills

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Communication Skills

The consultancy team members of PAID-WA have the necessary communication capacity and they are proficient in English, French and Pidgin. The team members can successfully interact with the diverse and multi-cultural communities of Cameroon in particular and those of Africa in general

Research and Consultancy Track Record

  1. The capacity for PAID-WA to deliver research and consulting services could also be buttressed by PAID-WA’s recent activities/experience: PAID-WA participated in a number of village studies for the development of Council development Plans for Mbonge, Muyuka, Njinikom and Fundong
  2. From 2010 – 2012, PAID-WA in collaboration with selected local governments in the South West and North West regions and Community-Driven Development Programme (PNDP) provided technical assistance for the implementation of decentralization policy by preparing long, medium and short-term development plans. The proposed project is intended to consolidate and ensure the sustainability of these plans with emphasis on inclusive governance and participatory development which can make local councils to better assume their roles and responsibilities for decentralization and sustainable development. 
  3. From 2005 – 2007, PAID-WA in collaboration with Gender and Development Unit, Canadian Cooperation, developed and implemented a project titled “Promoting Women and Youth Participation in the Democratization Process in the South West Region of Cameroon’. The impact was very significant in that it changed the mindset of women and youths about their role in society. The quantitative and qualitative involvement of women and youth before, during and after elections as well as accession of these groups into decision-making structures also increased significantly. 
  4. Between 2004 and 2009, PAID-WA contributed in enhancing planning and management capacities of Senior and Middle level managers of the public and private sector of Cameroon through training courses in Project Management and Evaluation with the support of the Commonwealth foundation. 
  5. From 2002 - 2005, PAID-WA ran a good governance and development programme in Cameroon and Sierra Leone targeting civil society organizations, traditional leaders, local governments and non-governmental organizations. The prime concern of the project was to provide a link between governance and development. vi) Currently engaging in the development of business plans with for the green business enterprises of WWF supported CBOs in the Bakossi landscape, capacity building on business plan development, and provision of livelihood support options for the CBOs.