Research and Consulting - Publication Component

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Publication Component

PAID-WA has envisaged the production of the Pan African Journal of Development Studies (PAJDES). This will encompass the publication of upcoming events in the institute, presentation of case studies, articles and newsletters. Annual reviews, manuals of procedures and standardisation of the institute’s brochures will form an integral part of the publication. PAID-WA will work with partners and clients to enrich the quality of the publications.

Our Strategy

In order to meet the needs of our clients, our work ranges from global evaluations of development policies and professional practices, through one-to-one coaching and support. We strive to fully understand our client’s areas of intervention, the different perspectives various actors and stakeholders bring into the development agenda and the objectives they set out to achieve. To do this, we first and foremost develop a strong, open and robust relationship that allows for support, guidance and constructive challenge. Our approach to improving organisational performance is multi-faceted. We converge on experience and expertise to understand and engage with the technical aspect of any organisation’s operation. However, this professional and practical acumen is matched by our people-focused and community-centred approach to development.