Research and Consulting - The Research Component

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The Research Component

PAID-WA assembles interdisciplinary researchers, partners, students/participants and multi-faceted stakeholders to develop action-oriented approaches in carrying out development research. Our research objective is to examine and explore practical development scenarios and reflect such experiences in current development theories and practice. We are a leading research institution, with high quality training and educational programmes. Through our research and partnerships, we address some of the key multi-dimensional challenges the plague the society like sustainable growth, environmental crisis, global health and social inequalities, gender imbalances and its effects on development projects and programmes, governance and democratic malaise, deficiencies in conservation movements.

Our research priorities include:

  • Sustainable communities and growth parameters
  • Natural resources management and environmental change
  • Local governance, democracy and human rights
  • Urban growth and sustainable waste management
  • Global health and environmental hazards
  • Social inequalities and gender biased development
  • Peace and conflict management

Our research team runs a range of exciting events that build the capacities of PAID-WA’s potential graduates and postgraduates through the following:

  • Delivering annual graduate and postgraduate conferences that brings together outstanding researchers in the development arena;
  • Providing monthly advanced research skills through training workshops. This helps PAID-WA students and provides them with opportunities for new research skills for all aspects of the research process. Key interests are on understanding the entire research process, issues of positionality and reflexivity, practical development fieldwork or research methodology (moving from methods to practice), reporting findings and making credible and insightful judgments and recommendations.
  • Working with the Training and Development Division of the institution to provide a range of professional skills essential for the employability of the students beyond the world of academia.
  • The entire research, consultancy and publication division provide PAID-WA participants with placement/internship opportunities with their existing partners and clients. This helps in exposing the potential graduates to employment opportunities and provides the forum where our participants blend theory and practice