Post-Graduate Diploma in Public Health Management (PGD-PHM)

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Program Overview

The Program has been designed to enable health professionals to study Public Health in response to the health workforce shortages in Africa. The public health challenges being faced by the developing nations calls for the development of capacity in the health systems by way of positioning qualified and skilled professionals who can provide general oversight to health policies and programs, the public health workforce, and devise appropriate strategies to meet emerging challenges. The standard MBBS/ MD and DPH programs offered in medical programs or the MBA, and other programs do not significantly impart managerial skills and competencies. Hence, this program is designed to impart the knowledge and skills to address and resolve key health management challenges.

Main Objective

This program is interdisciplinary both in its content and teaching designed to enhance the capacity of the public health managerial workforce.


12 Months (1 Academic Year)

Target Audience

Applicants can come from diverse backgrounds.

  • Specifically holders of a Diploma or Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline, e.g. health sciences, social work, and education. Three years relevant experience in the health or welfare sector will be an asset to the applicant.
  • Preference will be given to health professionals working at a service or policy level, or others wishing to obtain public health skills that they can apply to their work in development, community services, government, research or teaching .

Expected Learning Outcomes

By the end of the program students will have the;

  • Knowledge and skills to contribute in the management of the health of populations and communities;
  • Ability to identify, quantify and prioritize health problems and needs of communities
  • The ability to apply the core disciplines of public health (statistics, epidemiology, health economics and social research) to real world health problems;
  • Design, implement and evaluate comprehensive and participatory program that address global/international health challenges ;

Career Opportunities

The graduates will always be in demand finding employment or going on to further study in the area of public health. Our graduates can become:

  • Health administrators, managers or CEOs of NGOs.
  • District Medical officers and other health personnel desiring to serve international health programs
  • Graduates can also progress to Masters and doctoral studies in Public/Global Health.