MBA Project Management

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Program Overview

Our MBA Project Management degree provides students with an in-depth view of project management and the demands of the critical role to the evolution of new processes, procedures and programs. Project managers must be able to optimize physical and human resources to accomplish organizational objectives. Individuals with professional project management skills must use their ability to consistently produce efficient projects while increasing quality and competitive edge. Courses in this project management degree focus on processes including scope, scheduling, cost control and communication. Our MBA Project Management program helps you integrate leadership and team development skills for project success. MBA in Project Management helps put you in demand and equips you to integrate leadership and team-development skills to support the success of complex, cross-functional business projects.

Main Objectives

To offers students a hands-on approach to using project management knowledge areas to facilitate scheduling, estimating, tracking and controlling the schedule and costs of the project.

Expected learning outcomes

You will learn leadership and team development skills and how to successfully integrate them into proper execution of a project. You'll also learn how to apply business and organizational principles and techniques to utilize the appropriate roles and responsibilities of the project team.

Program Duration

18 months. T

Target Audience

Anyone with a first degree.

Career Opportunities

  • Project Specialist
  • Project Administrator
  • Project Support Officer
  • Project Management Consultant