Human Resurce Management

СНПЧ А7 Курск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ


This course prepares students for working as partners in human resources. Emphasis is on enabling students to analyze and adapt to the dynamic nature of human needs, and quality performance in contemporary organizations. It will enable students, learn and apply specific skills and strategies that are required to meet the needs, objectives and sensitivities of the employer for quality productivity.

Course objectives

To train students to acquire conceptual and analytical skills which suffise for effective and efficient management of human resources in contemporary organization.

Teaching methods

This course will comprise formal lecturers, practical work, and discussion and hand on experience sessions. The course will emphasize on interaction and participatory learning.

Target audience

This programme is designed for:

  1. Public and private sector personnel interested to build a career in Human Resource Management
  2. Senior Management in the private Sector who have director or supervisory responsible for human Resource Management.
  3. Heads of Units, Heads of Departments and personnel Managers.
  4. Private, parastales and Government institutions
  5. International organizations
  6. NGO’s LSO’s CIGs, Banks, Oil Companies, embassies outsourcing Agencies among others

Entry Requirement

Bachelor Degree Holders.