Accounting and Finance (MSc)

СНПЧ А7 Курск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ


The department of Accounting, Finance and Micro Finance offers degrees in Accounting, Finance and Micro Finance at three levels i.e. Masters, Postgraduate diploma and Bachelors’ degree. The department  is an academic administrative organ that is directly responsible for ensuring high academic standards of qualitative and quantitative teaching and research techniques, the development of highly competitive curricular for evolving needs and forum for new approaches to research in the various areas of finance.

Objectives of the Department

The main objective of the School is to train academic and professional persons equipped with economic theory and methodological techniques as well as managerial, financial, accounting, and marketing skills that have objective validity for solving human problems in the various sectors of the national, regional and global economy.
The specific objectives include:

  1. To produce high caliber graduates in banking, Finance and micro finance capable of taking up responsible positions in the profession and society at large.
  2. To equip graduates with required analytical and managerial skills necessary to prepare them for the challenges of middle and top financial positions in industrial and public organizations.
  3. To acquire the necessary professional proficiency needed by the finance industry

Teaching Methods

These programs are done by use of formal lectures, practical field work, and discussion sessions. The interactive and participative teaching-learning techniques are also employed.

Target audience

The target population for the BSc program will comprise of G.C.E advance level holders, diploma holders from varied fields of studies, and degree holders of different programs that are interested to gain knowledge in the fields of accounting, finance and micro finance.
The target audience for the postgraduate diploma will comprise of first degree holders in the field of accounting or finance who intern to have a broader knowledge in this field, we also expert students in different academic fields who intend to pursue an advance program in this field.
The target audiences for the master’s degree include individuals with first degree in this field and others with professional certificates who desire to become masters in the field of accounting, finance and micro finance.

Career Opportunities

Every business has as a finance department which opens opportunities for graduates in the fields of accounting, finance and micro finance. Some specific positions include the Chief Finance Officer, Finance Officer, Cashier, Accountant, Chief Accountant, Auditor, Credit or Loans Officer, finance controller etc.