Masters of Science (MSc) Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)

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Program Overview

The significance of SHRM lies in the fact that emphasis is placed on strategic thinking and strategic management of the human resource base of the organization. Training focuses on how the entire HR function contributes significantly to the realization of organizational goals. Top-level HR professionals must differentiate themselves from the crowd by applying tried and tested strategic thinking methods. They are primarily responsible for ensuring that their HR policies and practices are in line with the short and long term needs of their organization. SHRM emphasizes the need for HR plans and strategies to be formulated within the context of overall organizational strategies and objectives and to be responsive to the organizations’ dynamic external environment.

Main Objective

  • To discuss the concepts and characteristics of strategic HR management
  • To understand the relationship between the HR function and organizational strategies, structure, culture, and policies
  • To understand the effects of HR models on core HR functions
  • To develop graduates who will make significant contributions to their national economies

Expected Learning Outcomes

The course will take participants through a curriculum that places them in a position to become top-level Human Resource Management professionals. By the end of the course, students should:

  • Be equipped with knowledge and skill on strategic thinking principles as applied to the human resource management
  • Understand the interactions of human resource stakeholders in the business environment and fit in appropriately
  • Perform efficiently and effectively as strategic human resource managers in the global economy.

Program Duration:

Eighteen months (3 Semesters).

Target Audience

Candidates with a first degree in an appropriate field, not necessarily in HR. Those who are already engaged in human resource management or other related functions are eligible to apply. In addition, candidates may also apply from other professions if they wish to become professionals or consultants in Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations, or Public Relations, or to enhance their career.

Career Opportunities

As a SHRM Graduate, you are expected to be mature enough to bring your knowledge and skills to bear for the development of business and society wherever you find yourself. In central or local government, you may also take up responsibilities for helping formulate policy and its implementation in the context of changing national and industry-based employment practices.

In many organizations, human resource specialists serve as the interface, i.e., the “human face” between top management and employees down the line. Other roles include employer relations representative, compensation and benefits specialist, job analysis specialist, training and development specialist, industrial and labor relations specialist, conciliator, mediator, international human resources manager, and human resource information systems specialist.